CH-4000 Automatic Rotary

Our  High Speed Automatic capper is designed suit your needs where high output cap placement and tightening is a must this unit can handle speeds up to 140 bottles per minute. (Subject to product design)

4 head CAPSON capping machine
CH-1000 / CH-1400
Automatic Starwheel and Automatic In-line Cappers
CH-1000 Starwheel and CH-1400 Inline Series

Our most versatile Automatic chuck capper is designed to pick, place and tighten almost any shape cap onto almost any shape container at speeds up to 40 bottles per minute.
(Subject to product design) The CH-1000/1400 series ensures minimal change over time between formats.

CH-1400 capper video


CH-500 / CH-600

Semi-Automatic Gated Pneumatic Cap Tightener

Semi automatic cap tightener is simply mounted to an existing conveyor. The operator needs only to place caps on the bottle or container upstream of the capping head. The tightener then detects the bottle and grips it while the capping head applies a consistent torque to the cap and container.

CH-500 Tightening Series

Cap Tightener CH-500 video

CH - 500
CH - 600
CH-300 / CH-400

Benchtop Pneumatic Cap Tightener

Benchtop Pneumatic unit provides consistent torque to caps on bottles and containers. The Benchtop is easily placed on a table adjacent to the filling machine. The operator places and starts caps, after pressing the container against the Vee block switch the unit cycles down tightening the cap.


Cap tightener

Handheld Pneumatic Cap Tightener

Handheld Pneumatic unit provides torque to caps on bottles and containers. The operator places and starts caps, after pressing the unit down on the cap the operator activates the unit while holding down the container. Adjustable tension, retractable pulley mount for tool support assists with operator comfort.CH-1000 / CH-1400

Hand held Tightening Wrench CH-100

Easy to use torque wrench - A temporary solution when tightening small volume applications.